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Pedro Morales, 1942 - 2019

Pro-wrestling wrestling legend Pedro Morales has passed away. Born in Puerto Rico he would make his wrestling debut in 1959 earning a win over Buddy Gilbert in New York City. He spent his first years in the business traveling the East Coast locking up with the likes of Gypsy Joe and Sonny Fargo. By 1965 Morales had made his way to California where he would win the WWA World Heavyweight Championship from The Destroyer Dick Beyer catapulting him to a streak of success with major title defenses, victories and a tour of Japan. Morales continued to have on of the most successful 30 year pro-wrestling careers one could ask for and gained much prestige within the industry winning gold several times over for NWA and the WWF. He became the first Triple Crown Champion in WWF history winning all of the companies available championship in the 1980s, a feat that was all his own for nearly twenty years. In the 90s, following his in ring retirement in 1987, Morales' was hired as a producer/road agent and Spanish language commentator for the WWF, the Puerto Rican to hold this position for an international wrestling promotion. in 1995 he was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. He was influential to many Latin Americans and has received enormous amounts of recognition for his work in the ring, in the pro-wrestling business, and his community. He was 76 years old.

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