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The Wrestling Round Table

The Wrestling Round Table is a collective of writers and wrestlers who want to promote or publish themselves online. Founded by an unnamed group of anywhere to 20 to 30 different guys named Mark, the WRT was developed and created for the sole purpose of discussing the greatest two things known to humankind, wrestling and wings. 

We love Pro Wrestling and are just here to tell you all about it. We try to keep opinions at a minimum and only state the facts but in the of world competitive choreography we do have a tendency to pick and choose favorites. Full disclosure - we will occasionally put over the guys we like. We try and keep all opinions on the Table Talk page. Check it out and feel free to share on social media. If you're an independent writer and you want to use WRT to get published, drop us a line. We support indie wrestling and the writers who cover it.

Wings are a very close second to wrestling, definitely upper mid-card on our priorities list. We'll give your our insights from time to time. 


Welcome to the Table. 

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