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IWA-MS to close door (again) in 2018.

Ian Rotten announced via his personal facebook page that he will be closing the doors of IWA-MS after their Feb. 3rd show. Rotten has owned and booked the promotion since its inception in 1996 and while the promotion has enjoyed a twenty plus year run, it has seen it's fair share of controversy (Mike Levy incident & financial woes) and has closed down twice before (2009, 2011) in the decade. IWA-MS was the home to the King of the Death

match tournament, Candido Cup and Ted Petty Invitational which saw droves of young talent pass through over it's lifetime. Rotten sites aging, failing attendance, and financial insecurity as the main reasons for shut down. The final shows will be held in Memphis, Indiana on Oct 26th, Nov 2nd, Jan 27th, and ending on Feb 3rd.

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