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Paige in-ring career in jeopardy after most recent injury

Two months after returning to the ring Paige has been sidelined with another injury, an injury that many are saying has ended her in-ring career. Insiders to the situation are saying her most recent injury will keep her from being cleared by WWE medical staff and was sustained back in December during a six-woman tag match where she was kicked in the back by Sasha Banks. The match was stopped but Paige managed to walk herself to the back. Paige, who just recently returned from a 17 month absence from neck surgery, has been featured heavily on WWE television as the leader of the women's faction Absolution with hopes of bringing more star power and renewed energy to the women's division. She has continued to appear on RAW since the injury but it is unclear at this time if she will be cleared to compete in time for the all-women's Royal Rumble, if ever. This has not been confirmed by either WWE or Paige.

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