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UPDATE: Joey Ryan injured, surgery "likely"

Joey Ryan revealed tonight on Twitter that he tore his pectoral muscle and will be pulling out of all scheduled weekend appearances to, instead, see his doctor. Ryan had just come off a television taping for Major League Wrestling in Chicago wear he revealed the injury saying that surgery was likely.

11/16/18 - Joey Ryan issued a statement today discussing the details of the MRI results for his injured pectoral muscle. It revealed an "acute tear of the left pectoral major including a high-grade tear of the calvicular head at the myotendious junction and a high-grade intratendious tear of the sternal head with retraction and hemorrhage into the muscle belly. Disorganized fibers of the muscle-tendon tear identified within the delto-pectoral groove." His doctors are recommending surgery, no recovery time table available at this time.

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