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Bayley hits major WWE milsetone

Last night at the WWE Money in the Bank PPV it was Baylee who came out on top of the women's division. Early in the card The Hugger would successfully climb the ladder to retrieve the Money in the Bank contract allowing her a title match at any time. Later in the evening the Smackdown Women's Championship would change hands after Charlotte Flair took advantage of a weakened Becky Lynch. Lynch had just defeated Lacey Evans to retain the Raw Women's Championship when Flair interjected herself into the evening and demanded her title match begin immediately. Despite her best efforts, Becky was unable to fend off the attack and would lose the match. Post match, Flair and Evans began attacking the Irish Lass-Kicker until Bayley would make the save sending Evans to the outside and Flair into the turnbuckle. Baylee would take advantage of the incapacitated Flair, cash in her briefcase, and steal the championship. This marks Baylee's fourth WWE Women's Division Championship earning her the achievement of Grand Slam Champion - a first in women's pro-wrestling. NXT Women's Champion - August 2015 WWE RAW Women's Champion - February 2017 WWE Women's Tag Team Champion - February 2019 WWE Smackdown Women's Champion - May 2019

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